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Kick the Ball is the premier podcast covering Sporting Kansas City, Major League Soccer, the US Men's National Team and occasionally World Football. You can find Kick the Ball on Stitcher Radio, and twice in iTunes as a high quality version and a smaller low quality version, or if you dodge Apple you can subscribe to our RSS feed right here. To be notified of updates you can follow us on Facebook, or follow us on twitter @KicktheBallKC, or you can come back here once a week and simply listen to the latest episodes right in your web browser.


We are beginning to experiment with live format Kick the Ball (Wednesday mornings, 10am Central!), the Podcasts will remain in place - nothing will change there. We do not plan on having a call in show at this time however do welcome input via Twitter if you happen to have something to say. You can use the player below to listen in, you can use our page at (Android users ..) and you can download the Mixlr app on the Apple Store - an Android app is on the way sooner or later. Once you have it installed search for KickTheBall.


Latest Episodes

Kick The Ball - Episode 88 - The return of the points.

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 12:00:00 CDT

Sean, Zach and Kevin talk about the domination of Chivas and other news of the week.

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Kick The Ball - Episode 87 - Evaluting where Sporting KC stands after the recent lack of good form.

Tue, 9 Sep 2014 12:00:00 CDT

Sean and Zach are joined by Kevin Shook to discuss the past few games, the rough patch and general happening in the league. Everybody Hurts, Sometime.

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The Motley Crew

James Starritt

James Starritt

James was born and raised in London, England and raised an Arsenal fan. He moved to the United States in 1998 and settled in Chicagoland where he had a brief flirtation with the Chicago Fire before moving onto Kansas City in 2006. He became a Kansas City Wizards Season Ticket holder in 2008 when the team moved to CommunityAmerica Ballpark starting the blog shortly afterwards. He is an outspoken supporter and critic of the team who is willing to buck a trend in the name of objectivity. James spent much of the 2011 and 2012 seasons as co-host of the Stateline Soccer Show on 610 Sports Radio along side anchor Callum Williams.

Charles Gooch

Charles Gooch

Sporting Kansas City might be local media darlings now, but you only have to roll the clock back a couple of years to find a time when the team was barely talked or written about anywhere. Charles Gooch helped change that, first inserting himself in the Kansas City Cauldron at CommunityAmerica and writing about his experiences in Ink magazine in 2008. He kept the momentum up creating The Full 90 blog for the Kansas City Star in March 2010, providing an avenue for Star journalists to report and talk about the Wizards long before it was fashionable to do so.

Zachary Cobb

Zachary Cobb

Zachary is a professional photographer and long time Kansas City sports fan. A Wizards (and now Sporting) supporter since 2007 he really enjoys the community aspect of the club being very involved with the Cauldron supporters group. Very outgoing and quirky (that is the nice word we will use to describe him) you can find Zachary at Sporting Park taking photos or getting loud in the north end.

Laura Teliczan

Laura Byrne

Like most worth while relationships the love story between soccer and Laura had a rocky start. Laura wasn't interested in soccer at all, but when all her friends began playing FIFA and going to Wizards games she decided to give it a go. Now on her fourth year as a Cauldron season ticket holder for Sporting KC she can't get enough. If she's not at school or work you can find her playing pick up games in the park, going strong at indoor with her friends, or cheering on her boys in blue, both Sporting KC and Chelsea. She has been inaugural part of KC Cauldron based Ladies of SKC supporters group where she is able to mix her love of soccer with her attachment to her city.

And a special thanks to ...

Andrew Foshee

Andrew Foshee

You have heard other soccer podcasts right? The big generic rock riff leeched from Creative Commons sources or the totally played out anthems that might fit right in with WWE. Well we didn't want any of that, we wanted something a bit more laid back, something born in Kansas City, something unique and so we turned to the wonderfully talented Sporting KC fan Andrew Foshee. Sometimes folky, sometimes blues, always soulful his relaxed and engaging music is used throughout Kick the Ball.

Check out Andrew Foshee's website.